Parateichion - a documentary film

The true story of Nestor-Iskander

Supported by Ukrainian Cultural Fund (UCF)

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This feature documentary film investigates to life and deeds of Nestor-Iskander and presents the events of the year 1453 which he has described in his manuscript.

It is an investigative documentary with the elements of re-enactment filmed in Ukraine and Turkey.


Ukraine can solve the most acute problems of its present only if we discover the long-hidden truth about our past and understand what happened to us, and why. Unveiling this truth, understanding the key events of the past, and learning more about our outstanding compatriots, little known to the general public - all this represents the agenda of the documentary project "Parateichion". 

This agenda is even more enhanced by the fact that Kyiv Church with its inseparable connection to the mother church of Constantinople has finally begun to be restored. As many centuries ago, today we are again hindered by the same Muscovites who in the 15th century began to destroy the Kyivan Metropoly, at the same time cursing Constantinople. These distant events and their connection with the present are strikingly relevant in our time.

The central character of the film is an outstanding but little-known historical figure, our compatriot named Nestor-Iskander. A mysterious man - a warrior, a monk, and at the same time the last outstanding writer of Ruthenia (Kyivan Rus'). An Orthodox Christian, a Uniate, and possibly a Muslim. He wrote The Tale of the Taking of Constantinople by the Turks, which is an outstanding monument of our Renaissance literature, well known in the West, but not paid enough attention in our country.

The film unfolds the complex and intricate lace of military, political, religious, and cultural agendas of 15th century Europe; the role and significance of these events for Ukraine-Ruthenia, and the participation of our compatriots in the fateful events of that time. The project appeals to a wide audience both in Ukraine and abroad, as it focuses on world-scale historical shifts, the consequences of which are still felt in the world.