Featured project: Oroboro Island

"If there is no way to change anything, let's try to fix at least something"

- Promus

A Sci-Fi TV series based on the novel "Oroboro Island" written by Oleg Bazylewicz and Karen Buckton

Format: 10 episodes x 45 min (TV film, also possible to produce as 2D or 3D animation series)

The award-winning screenplay by Oleg Bazylewicz and Karen Buckton

Logline: Three time-travel ships are sent from the 23rd century back to a distant past with an important research mission. Unaware of a huge planetary time-stream loop, the expedition goes through many unexpected adventures and produces stunning results. Even though there is no way to change anything, the remaining crews still try to fix at least something...

To learn more about the storyline, check the trailer and the novel.

Brief Synopsis

It is the 23rd century on Earth. Humanity is on the brink of destruction due to intense tectonic activity. Three well-equipped and manned vessels are launched back into the distant prehistoric past, using the recently discovered energy source called "Ω-Field of Earth''. The idea is to conduct all the necessary research on planetary crust control on a remote island at the end of the Mesozoic Era - as time in the 23rd century is really running short. The mission is supposed to find the solution and come "back home" to save the desperate humankind.

However, this mission is thrown into chaos, when two of the ships end up in the age of the dinosaurs, but not at the same time, and one of them crashes; while the third ship lands in the Andes Mountains during the Stone Age.

The voyagers learn that the history of our world is very complex and many of Earth's mysteries, such as the amazing megaliths and ancient myths, are explained by an astonishing loop in which the time stream of Earth is somehow trapped.

Pitch notes

The "Oroboro Island" sci-fi series has extensive appeal to a broad audience. It perplexes the viewers by introducing the idea of a planetary time stream that has a pretty complicated structure but still pieces together many things about our planet and its history. A long time ago, it formed a separate loop - and now we need to fix it, but how?

This story will particularly appeal to sci-fi aficionados: people time-travel, making stunning discoveries, developing wondrous future technologies, and shedding the light on many ancient mysteries, especially those in Latin America. The characters, "a man and a woman on a mission" setup, the wildlife, and the adventures in the rich plots involved will have very wide appeal. The storylines are gripping, and the stakes are really high.

The full pitch package is here