Bovsuny Grannies

A feature documentary film about a Ukrainian folk group of elderly women from Bovsuny village and the traditional culture of the Polissia region

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Their performance stage has always been everywhere, beginning with the fields where they took flax, and hayfields, where they rowed hay. They never missed an opportunity to sing: neither in the past days, when they were young and lifeful, nor now, when they are not.

There are six of them, with the youngest one being 75. They are very bright personalities, smart and kind Ukrainian women. They have preserved a unique song culture and style of folk singing, inherent only to this special part of Polissya where their village Bovsuny is located. And they still work - just as they have been doing all these years - in the fields and at home, in the garden, and by the traditional handicraft loom. They make pancakes, milk cows, and fetch water.

They go to church and take part in wedding celebrations, blessing the Ukrainian families with their wonderful singing. They still sing. As always, all the time. Because they never parted with the song. Bovsuny Grannies sing seasonal songs, attached to the traditional cycle of rural life: spring, midsummer, harvesting, ceremonial wedding songs, carols, feast songs. Very often, they sing when they make and spin the yarn and hand-weave. 

They have preserved the spirit and the colors of their lives. And mind the embroidered clothes they are wearing - elegant, rich and maidenly-looking, with all these patterns full of traditional symbolism and meaning. Yes, they wear the unique handmade national Ukrainian women's costumes.

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