"If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed"
- Stanley Kubrick

We are a film production company operating from Kyiv, Ukraine. Our job is to highlight important issues, to enhance emotional dialogue, to deliver key messages and to provide food for thought.

We see filmmaking not only as a kind of storytelling, but also as an important tool to share ideas and to shape our world outlook. We develop and produce documentary and feature films, different kinds of TV and other multimedia content, and support several important cultural initiatives.

Check our featured projects: Parateichion and Oroboro Island, and find out more about what we do in Our projects section.

Our awards:

Amsterdam International Film Festival, 2019. A TV series screenplay (Oroboro Island, sci-fi) was nominated a Winner in the screenplay contest

Mediterranean Film festival Cannes, 2020. Mentioned among the best feature documentary films.

ECG Film Festival, London, 2020. The Bovsuny Grannies film won "The Best Documentary Film" award

Rome Prisma International Film Festival, 2018. Screenplay for the Parateichion feature film screenplay - official selection

Roma Cinema Doc, 2020. Feature documentary film Parateichion shorlisted 

TMMF, Scotland (2018) Screenplay for the Parateichion feature film screenplay - official selection

MedFF, 2029. Screenplay for the Parateichion feature film screenplay - official selection 

Adami Media Prize (Odesa, 2018) Special mention for the documentary project "My nationality is Odessite"