For our big feature film projects, check Parateichion and Oroboro Island pages of this site. Scroll down this page to learn more about our documentaries, TV broadcasts, cultural projects, industrial, educational and commercial promos. 

Documentary films

Our focus in documentary filmmaking is on the things that really matter, although they may be little known, or not given enough thought, but still of great cultural, historical, and social value. Here is what we recently produced:

Bovsuny Grannies - a feature documentary film about Ukrainian folk songs performed by a famous group of 70+ years-old women. The film is the winner of the 2020 ECG Film Festival, London. 45 min (60 min). Read more on the project page.

Parateichion: the true story of Nestor-Iaskander - a feature documentary film about the man who had witnessed and described the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Selected to the category "the best feature documentary" at Cannes Mediterranean Film Festival (2020), shortlisted at Roma Cinema Doc festival (2020). 50 min. The film was supported by Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (UCF).

The Qartlar (the Elderly) - a feature documentary about the elderly Crimean Tatar people who recall their life and the oppression Crimean Tatars survived in the 20th century and now. 50 min. Read more here.

30 Years of Independence - a cycle of 10 documentary films (x50 min each) examining the key issues of the modern history of Ukraine (as of 1986) as analyzed by the key thought leaders and experts. (2016-2018)

Ukrainian Symphony - a music research and investigative feature documentary about traditional  and authentic Ukrainian music instrument (2021)

The Nonexistent Ones - a documentary film project about the volunteers helping homeless people in Kyiv (2021)

TV broadcasting

Content we create for TV includes educational television shows and programs researching and presenting various, sometimes quite complicated, and even controversial topics to the broad public.

Respecting the Mystery - a series of 40 films x25 min - a long-running TV show with in-depth discussions about the basics of Islamic religious teaching for non-Islamic audiences (2014-2016).

The World War - a fundamental documentary cycle of 6 film x 45 min dedicated to the problem of how a past war generates a new one, how military conflicts  developed through history and what to expect to happen in future (2015-2017).

The Cornerstones (2014-2016) - another fundamental documentary cycle (11 flms x 50 min) about the basic concepts our world outlook is built on: Life, Soul (p.1), Soul (p.2), Marriage, Money, Family Roots, Self-restriction, Death, Birth etc. as taken from scientific, historical and religios prospective.

The Lost Ones - an investigational TV film about male prostitution (2016).

Dog-Lovers (2017) - an investigative TV film examining various controversive agendas of animal rights advocates, dog-hunters and dog-lovers, zoopsychologists, dog trainers and social activists

Palestine Diary (2019) - a series of short investigative TV films presenting a closer look at what is going on in Palestine in our time

Cultural projects

Parade of Cultures - an international 3-day cultural forum held in Kyiv where every national and ex-pat community from all around the world presents its cultural traditions, costumes, songs, dances, arts and crafts. See more in fascinating video.

The Celebration - the project featuring an outsider's view on the most important holidays' celebration in different religios communities.

Industrial, educational and commercial promos

KyivGUMA - a short industrial promo film about the leading rubber-processing company in Ukraine (2019)

Educational promos: Remote Education, Germal School (Deutsche Schule),